Personalized dog portraits , portrait paintings on glass ornaments

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Memorial dog portrait painting from your favorite photos - gallery 6 

 ( Birthday, Christmas - Memorial ornaments )

Very detailed, realistic custom portraits of your loved ones - dogs - cats - horses etc.

Enjoy some of my examples of custom portrait paintings on ornaments - available on 3 1/4 " or 4 " glass ornaments.


You have a special idea ... let me know,  I will work with you to create a one-of-a-kind glass ornament for you

You like to give a unique gift for a special occasion, just send me your photos. 



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Ornaments can be customized with names, date or short sentiment.

  If NO text is chosen and there is extra room on 

the back of the ornament, we will decorated it with an ornamental or floral design.

( scroll down to see examples )

Just send us your favorite photo  in a larger file, so we are able to see all details and we will 

create a unique glass ornament for you. 

Usually my ornaments are painted with a light cream background. If you prefer a different 

color please let me know.


Click here for close up of   portrait paintings   or     people portraits  


Custom Dog Portraits on Glass Ball Ornaments 


Cat portraits               Pet Portraits  (Turtle-horse - birds etc)



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dog portraits on glass ornament

GIZMO - dog portrait painting 

on glass ornament

BULLET - dog portrait painting 

on glass ornament

pet portraits on glass ornament

GIZMO - dog portrait painting 

on glass ornament

pet portrait on glass ornament

DAISY - dog portrait painting

memorial portrait on glass ornament


dog portrait on glass ornament

CHESTER - dog portrait painting 

on glass ornament



 Back of the ornaments

pet portrait on glass ornament

pet portrait on glass ornament

 dog portrait painting on glass ornament, pet portrait


Please note: We love to have your portrait glass ornament featured in our portfolio -  each of those paintings were very 

memorable projects which we enjoyed very much. We also know that custom ordered portraits are very personal and we 

do respect your privacy. When you place your order please let us know if we are allowed to feature your portrait painting.


Send your pictures with 



Portrait paintings from  

your pet  - 

Each glass ornament is 

hand painted with

intricate detail.














































 Glass ornaments- people & pet portraits from photos

copyright Rio Rancho - New Mexico