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Family Tree Portraits - high quality portrait paintings from your ancestors.

Hand painted oil portraits on canvas 



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From your B&W photos we will create wonderful life like color portrait paintings of your family and ancestors.

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family tree portrait painting -italy detail

Custom portrait painting - family tree detail


family tree portrait painting -italy

Custom family tree with portrait painting - this family tree

 includes 15 generations and 17 portrait paintings.


family tree portrait paintings on canvas 

Custom family tree with portrait painting - this family tree

 includes about 110 names and 14 portrait paintings.








custom family tree portrait paintings on canvas

Family tree with portrait paintings it took us about 

4 weeks to finish this wonderful family tree painting

 for a 60th birthday celebration - 

 a pictorial representation of a family heritage 

on a 62  x 72 inch canvas.

For reference we had B/W photos to work from; 

each old photo portrait has been colorized with added

 attention to depicting

 the authentic clothing of the period.


family tree portrait paintings on canvas b&w photos

Using your B& W photos to get started with the portraits


family tree portrait paintings on canvas- detail

Portraits of ancestors

personalized family tree portrait paintings on canvas

Fine detail work will capture the spirit and character

 of your loved ones

family tree portrait paintings detail picture

Detail Portrait

family tree portrait paintings - custom painted

b&w photo for family tree portrait painting on canvas

B&W photos for portraits














Family trees with portrait painting

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