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horse portrait paintings

Horse portraits 

on canvas or

watercolor paper





HORSE PORTRAITS on wooden plaques 

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Horse portraits is painted in high quality with attention to fine detail work.
Plaque is made from solid wood (pine) and finished with several coats of varnish for protection. 
( background color can be customized).
Just   send us  your favorite picture, please use a very clear picture and send it in a large file.
This will help to see all the details which we need to create an excellent horse portrait for you.

horse -portrait paintings

scalloped horse plaque



 Horse plaque l7,5" x 13,5" 

Price  59.50  USD

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 Horse plaque 11,5" x 20"

Price 75.00 USD

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horse-portrait paintings

 Horse plaque - name plaque

4" x 12" and  5" x 16" 

 Horse plaque 4" x 12"

Price 46.00 USD

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 Horse plaque 5" x 16"

Price 54.00 USD

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horse -portrait paintings

Oval horse plaque



 Horse plaque 7" x 9"

Price 49.00 USD

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 Horse plaque 9" x 12"

Price 58.00 USD

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For shipping within the US we send out our items via priority mail (2-4 business days ).
International shipping can  be sent via first class mail ( 2-4 weeks) or  priority mail 7-14  business days,

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