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   Exclusive oil paintings by Bambi Mounet -Lipp

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 If you prefer to mail your order for your portrait rather than ordering online, please print this form

 and send a short note, list the quantity of portraits you wish to order, send it with your photos 

 and your deposit  to:  

  Bambi Mounet-Lipp -  3820 Rolling Meadows Drive, Rio Rancho,NM 87144


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50%  down payment is required with your order. The balance is due on completion of the portrait)

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Orders from within the U.S. may be paid via PAYPAL,  check or money order. Orders from outside 

the U.S. must be paid in U.S. dollars by international money order only.  

Please make your check out to ML Mural Art 

                                                          Thank you for your order!